The Benefits of Mac Hosting

  • Author: Marina
  • Date: 20 June 2023
  • Time: 4 Minutes

In this article, we want to take a deep dive into the benefits and drawbacks of Mac hosting vs. Mac owning. Discover how hosted solutions can streamline your workflow, improve productivity, and reduce costs, and explore the potential drawbacks to consider when choosing a hosting provider.

Instant Access - Everywhere and from your favorite device

Using Mac hosting solutions gives you and your team the freedom to work from anywhere. OakHost provides access to your dedicated machine 24/7, all year round, creating a reliable service for you to build your projects and business on. Furthermore, OakHost offers a range of features, such as automated backups and security measures, that ensure the safety and security of your data. These features are designed to protect your sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

Great Internet Connection Wherever You Are

One of the great advantages of a Mac in the Cloud is its flexibility in terms of internet connection. By relying on a stable internet connection wherever you may be, you are not limited by the internet speed of your local area. This means that you can work from virtually anywhere in the world without worrying about slow download or upload speeds! Whether you are traveling for business or simply working from home, our hosted Macs allow you to connect to the internet with ease and convenience, giving you the freedom to work on your own terms.

Accessible from Mac, Windows, and Linux

Using hosted solutions also means your team can continue working on their preferred devices. This flexibility allows your team to be more productive, as they can work in a comfortable and familiar environment. Moreover, since the OakHost dashboard is accessible from any device, there is no need to purchase expensive hardware or train your team on how to access the Mac environment. This not only saves your company money but also enables quicker onboarding of new team members.

Save time, money, and resources - focus on your business

Our hosted Mac mini devices provides you and your team with a hassle-free experience, as you don't have to worry about hardware maintenance. You can fully concentrate on your projects, and devote your energy towards growing your business. This means that you and your team don't need any further knowledge or expertise in hosting or setting up your own Mac devices, and you don't need a new device for each team member. With OakHost, you can access your Mac with just one click, and it's shared and secured! We provide you with a secure data center, secure remote access, and a firewall, to ensure the safety of your data. And that's not all - you also get the power to update your Mac whenever you are ready, giving you even more control over your work environment.

Things to Consider

Hosting Costs vs. Maintenance Costs
When considering the use of hosted solutions, there are some potential drawbacks that should be kept in mind. One of these is that the cost of using cloud services may sometimes be higher than alternative solutions. However, this cost includes the maintenance of the hardware, the scalability, and the security of your data.

Potential Latency Issues
For certain tasks such as video editing, gaming, or other real-time applications, a local Mac may offer better performance due to reduced latency. Cloud servers, especially if geographically distant, can have latency issues that make these tasks more difficult. With OakHost, we try to mitigate these issues as best we can by providing our services from data centers in Germany, which are close to our customers in all of Europe.

Limited Peripheral Support
Using peripherals like printers, scanners, or certain types of hardware may be more complicated with a cloud-based Mac, as opposed to a local machine. While there are solutions to this problem, they may not be suitable for everyone depending on their needs.

Industry-Specific Challenges
Finally, there are industry-specific challenges that must be taken into account, such as the need to comply with certain laws or regulations and ensuring that security is maintained at all times. We take security very serious, which is why we not only believe in the data integrity of Apple products, but also chose a secured infrastructure to build on. Your data is stored in ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers in Germany, and you get additional safety measures like firewalls to use with your Mac. Of course OakHost fully complies with laws regarding cloud hosting in the EU, like the GDPR.

We are Mac hosting professionals.

Whether you require a cloud-based Mac development environment or a robust cluster of CI/CD Mac servers, our team is prepared to provide unparalleled support and solutions.