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The days of purchasing a new Mac for every new or temporary hire are over. Scale your office as demand grows, without any investment.

OakHost Cloud Office

Discover the Future of Work

A cloud office is a virtual workplace powered by the latest Apple hardware, giving your employees and contractors access to a fully-featured macOS environment from anywhere in the world.

OakHost Cloud Office streamlines collaboration, enhances productivity, and simplifies remote work, all while leveraging Apple's renowned performance and user-friendly experience.

Benefits of Cloud Office

Unlock limitless possibilities and supercharge productivity with the ultimate remote work solution: Cloud Office vs. On-Site Office.

Cloud Office On-Site Office
Maintenance macOS managed by company MDM macOS managed by company MDM
Collaboration Online tools and data sharing Face-to face communication
Performance Fast internet access and modern hardware Depending on location/budget
Cost Flexible subscription Up-front hardware investment
Flexibility No hardware setup required, easily scalable Requires purchase and setup of hardware
Infrastructure Securely managed by OakHost Setup needed, requires maintenance
Availability Secure remote access from everywhere Employees need to be on-site
Security Data stored in secure data center with backups Data stored locally or on site

Made in the EU

With our headquarters in Estonia and our data center in Germany, all your data stays in the EU. We focus on security and privacy and are fully GDPR compliant.

Features Included

With our Cloud Office, everything is customizable to your specific needs. Here is what we can offer out of the box.

Hardware as a Service

A dedicated Apple Mac mini for every virtual workstation. Extremely powerful and efficient, with various configurations of available.

Multiple Displays

With OakHost Cloud Office your staff isn't limited to just one remote display. We support 4K resolution as well as multiple displays streamed right from the cloud.

Backup Space & Network Storage

We take care of backup and network storage. We ensure your data is safe and always available.

Internal Network & VPN

An internal network allows you to securely exchange data between devices. Of course, we can set you up with a managed VPN for remote access.

Printer & Video Conferencing

We offer solutions for local printing directly from your remote machine, as well as passthrough options for video calls.

Customer Panel

Our customer panel allows for user management, firewall configuration and more, allowing you to manage your cloud office at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer your questions directly, but to save you some time, we have compiled a list of the most asked questions regarding our Cloud Office.

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to test our Cloud Office without any commitment. Contact us using the button below so we can set up a trial or demo.

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