About Us

Get to know the team behind OakHost.


Where we're located

Founded in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, our headquarters benefit from the region's robust IT industry. Despite its small size, Estonia has produced globally recognized startups like Skype, Wise.com, and Bolt. This thriving environment allows us to source skilled IT professionals with ease.

In choosing our initial data center location, we prioritized world-class data protection and strong connections to the European network. Germany's stringent GDPR law ensures exceptional data security, while the network hubs in Frankfurt provide seamless EU connectivity.

Our Promise

Oak wood is a great material to build on. It is strong and resilient. With OakHost, we like to inherit these properties, while adding flexibility to the mix.

Quality & Performance

Dedicated resources, genuine Apple hardware and a sophisticated process are the key ingredients to a reliable experience.

Full Access

Root access isn't enough for us. We want you to have access to your server, like you would be standing in front of it.


Protection of your data is key. Our hypervisors are fully disk-encrypted, and your dedicated Mac can be, too.


We are dedicated to sustainability, with 100% green energy in our data centers and power-efficient ARM systems.


We thrive to offer you the best customer service you have ever experienced, at a speed you have never seen before.


We don't like to say no to our customers. If there is a way, we will make it happen.

Made in the EU

With our headquarters in Estonia and our data center in Germany, all your data stays in the EU. We focus on security and privacy and are fully GDPR compliant.

Our Story

Welcome to OakHost, where we are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to revolutionize the Mac and ARM hosting market. In 2019, when rumors started to circulate about Apple's architecture shift to Apple silicon, we knew something big was coming.

We believe that the x86 architecture has peaked, and with the announcement of the Apple M1 chip and projects from alternative providers such as AWS and Google, it was clear that ARM was the future of the server market. We saw a gap in the market for reliable ARM servers in the hosting space and made it our mission to fill that void.

After months of planning, conceptualizing, proof of concepts, and evaluations, we decided to take a risk and offer Apple Mac minis in the professional server environment. We recognized that using Mac minis as servers presented unique challenges, particularly in terms of remote management, which had not been solved before. We knew it was essential for our customers to have fast and reliable access to their Macs via a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) interface in case of a problem, even when the internal VNC server isn't working or the Mac is in recovery or boot mode.

At OakHost, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and products, and we believe that offering Apple Mac minis in the professional server environment is a step in that direction. We are excited to see how this new technology will help our customers grow their businesses and achieve their goals.


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