Data Center

Keeping your data secure and available.

Mac Hosting from Germany

Our data center is located in Nuremberg, Germany, fully DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified and powered by 100% green energy.

  • Redundant UPS facilities
    with standby Diesel power generator
  • Video-monitored high-security perimeter
    with electronic access control
  • 24/7 On-Call personnel
  • N+2 cooling redundancy
  • DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • >99.99% Uptime in 2023

In-house developed custom external KVM

Servers usually come with a built-in KVM solution which allows for remote management features such as power on/off, reboot, reset, and remote display access. With Macs being a consumer-first product, these features are unfortunately not natively available. Therefore, we took it upon us to develop a solution that allows you to manage your Macs remotely in the same way you would with a server.

Our custom KVM solution is entirely external to the Mac and allows you to manage your Mac as if you were sitting in front of it. With remote power on/off, reset and even a remote display and mouse and keyboard, you can manage your Macs from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have curated a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our data center.

Our data center is located in Nuremberg, Germany.